What's Happening May 21 - 27, 2018


On Sunday, May 27, 10:30 am, our worship service will be Latter Day Blessings: Spiritual Integration Through Story Telling with Rev. Helen McFayden and Rev. Diane Rollert and music by Jean Séguin and Maider Martineau
Previous life experiences can deeply influence our view and interactions in the world…and it’s not always pretty. As adults, we sometimes seemed doomed to making poor choices, rocky relationships, and repeating harmful patterns, unless we work to make sense of the past. Storytelling is one vehicle to spiritual integration, a way that broken hearts can be broken open. 
Rev. Helen McFadyen grew up in St. Lambert on the South Shore of Montreal in the 1950’s and 60’s, Her father was a lapsed protestant, anglophone seafarer, and her mom, a French Canadian Catholic orphanage survivor. Helen discovered her call to ministry at the Universalist Unitarian Congregation of Halifax and currently serves the U U Fellowship of Kamloops. She also works in the position of Administrator of the UUA Accessibility and Inclusion Ministry certification program and is doing academic research toward a Doctor of Ministry degree, studying “mutual support in the lives of elder residents of cohousing communities.” Helen, who is legally blind, shares her life with Camilla, her guide dog of the last six years.