What's Happening Sunday, August 19, 2018

The service on August 19 at 10:30 am will be Little by Little and Lemon with speakers Daniel Hickie and Holly Fleming and music by Basil Vandervort-Charbonneau. Childcare will be available.

The motivation to change and act with integrity and renew and grow my heart usually hits Daniel in waves. While he is riding that wave, gosh, he feel so motivated. But soon enough the motivation slides away; and, mostly the change he has achieved is unrecognizable. That was until Daniel's partner and he learned that they are going to have their first child this fall (which, while growing in the uterus, they are calling Lemon). With that shift in their lives, Daniel is exploring progress little by little instead. And gosh, he just feels so motivated by it.

When Holly was in college, she read a book which talked about a community where everyone parented everyone’s children, that way parent’s didn’t project unmet needs and expectations on their children, freeing children to come at life in their own unique ways. She loved that idea and though she has never had biological children, she has “mothered” children in different ways. The way Holly will talk about alternative parenting today is in her role as hosting international students in my home over the last 10 years. To date she has shared her home with men and women from India, Spain, Colombia, Switzerland, Brazil, Zimbabwe, France, China, Mexico, Japan and Chile. It has and continues to be such a privilege to welcome and nurture young people on their academic, cultural and social journey as they leave home (often her home is their first big trip abroad) and navigate this wonderful city while staying in her home!