Themes of Our Lives

Exploring the Themes of Our Lives - Exploration des thématiques

Welcome back to theme-based ministry at the Unitarian Church of Montreal. 2017-18 will be our fourth year exploring monthly themes as we consider what it means to live our Unitarian Universalist values. We hope this year’s themes will prove to be both inspiring and challenging:

September / septembre                  Letting Go / Lâcher prise
October / octobre                           Connection/La connexion
November / novembre                     Humility / L’humilité
December / décembre                     Expectations / Les attentes
January / janvier                              Growth / La croissance
February / février                             Interdependence / L’interdépendance-Canada wide
March / mars                                    Creativity / La créativité
April / avril                                       Curiosity / La curiosité
May / mai                                          Blessing / Le bienfait
June / juin                                         Simplicity / La simplicité

January/janvier 2018 - Growth/la croissance

“Blossom” by Antranias, public domain,

“Blossom” by Antranias, public domain,

A Month of Growth

If you type growth into Wikipedia’s search bar, you’ll find that growth has definitions in many subjects, including biology, economics, mathematics and social science. Each of these subjects is divided into many specific terms, each linking to a separate article about a new and different way things and ideas and people can grow: cell growth; growth hormone; economic growth; growth investing; logistical, exponential and hyperbolic growth; human development; population growth; even a 2010 film entitled Growth…

We will focus our explorations this month on the theme of growth in our lives. How does the growth of humanity affect us? Or economic growth? Why is it important to understand different theories about growth patterns? How have you grown in the last year, and how do you want to grow in the new year?

Because of course, this is the season for recommitting ourselves to habits and tasks that we have forgotten or let go of in the last months or perhaps years. Resolutions, too, can be an expectation of growth, can be a desire to change things for the better and to challenge ourselves in new and demanding ways. In Hammer and a Nail, the Indigo Girls sing “Now I know a refuge never grows / From a chin in a hand in a thoughtful pose / Gotta tend the earth if you want a rose.” Perhaps it’s time to tend to things we know we can grow. What intentional steps can you take to tend the earth in your life?

As Diane takes this time away to grow in her spiritual life, the congregation will have the opportunity to delve deeper into their ministry and what it means to be a community of faith. I look forward to walking this path with you, in the re-discovery of who the Unitarian Church of Montreal is.

Danielle Webber

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