RE 2014 - 1015

RE Office Opening September 2nd

Caroline Balderton Parry and RE Assistant Yvette Salinas along with all the various wonderful people that help our RE programs flow, are getting excited about the new church-wide thrust towards "Theme-Based Ministry" and small group sharing.  Our DRE  hope to have our RE staff meet together in their own "small group" at regular intervals, and looks forward to involving as many volunteers as feel inspired to join us, from any age group of the UCM community (everyone who helps with RE programs will need a security check, which Yvette administers).

Regular RE Committee meetings: every first Sunday of the month, 12:15-1 pm, with childcare.  All welcome.

Childcare at UCM Functions and Meetings

Our Bylaws do commit us to have childcare available at all community events and we simply must say it is available more clearly for all community events.  We ask parents to confirm that they need childcare by one week in advance of a specific date.  Our "safe congregation" policy means we have two adults present in each classroom or the Nursery for all RE programs, but for evening or other non-service childcare we may only provide one trained and police-checked adult.