Sunday Services

Services are held every Sunday morning at 10:30 am (unless noted), followed by coffee. Services are in English with some French. Come for an hour of beautiful music, meditation and a thought-provoking sermon from our minister, Rev. Diane Rollert.

 It's a great way to kick-start the week with a calm state of mind. We offer loving caregivers in our nursery and wide-ranging programs for children and youth during the service.

Upcoming Worship Services

All services start at 10:30 am (unless noted) with childcare available from 10 am - 1 pm.

June 2018

june 3 flowers.jpg

Sunday, June 3
Simplify My Life, Please! Flower Communion Sunday

Rev. Diane Rollert
with music by Sandra Hunt and Maider Martineau
“I’m a recovering overfunctioner,” our minister likes to say. She also says, “I am definitely not a poster child for simplicity!” Join her as she reflects on what it could possibly mean to stop
overfunctioning and live a simpler life. Step one: join us in a simple flower communion. Bring a single flower to exchange with someone else.

Sunday, June 10
J’te dis oui ! I Say Yes! 

Rev. Diane Rollert and Normand Gosselin
with music by Sandra Hunt and Maider Martineau and special guest Vianney Desplantes on


We begin life by saying yes with breath. We end life by saying yes to letting go. In between, there are milestones to be celebrated. How do we say yes to life through the many commitments that we make to those we love? Join us for a Sunday that lifts up the work of our lay chaplains as well as the ministry of saying yes, even in the darkest hours.




Sunday, June 17
Simple Gifts

Rev. Diane Rollert
with music by Sandra Hunt and the Basque group Sasi ardiak with Maider Martineau, Vianney Desplantes and Jokin Irungaray on the trikitixa, alboka, euphonium and percussion, and the Parts in Peace Choir, directed by Maider Martineau
This Sunday will be pure celebration and full of music as we say goodbye to our beloved song leader and choir director, Maider Martineau, who is returning to the Basque country in France, and to Yvette Salinas, who is stepping down as Religious Exploration Assistant (though she’ll still be with us!). This will be a time to say thanks for the music, the people (including fathers and father figures) and the many simple gifts in our lives. 
The service will be followed by a special reception in honour of Maider and Yvette.
1:00 p.m. — Join us for a special concert in the sanctuary with Maider, Vianney, Jokin, Parts in Peace, Sandra and others for a bittersweet goodbye celebration of Maider on her final day with us.

What do we do here? Is it worship?

Several years ago, Rev. Rollert and the congregation explored a series of questions regarding “Wounded Words” – the words of religion that have wounded us or may have been wounded or co-opted by others.  As we talked about the word “Worship” she asked us this question: “What do we do here?”

Here’s the answer that came from the congregation:

What do we do here?
We gather together to play with ideas of the world and our place in it,
To celebrate, discuss, care, wonder and act,
To reconnect with what is important in life,
To reflect upon love, sorrow, joy, conflict, peace, complexity, and diversity,
To meet kindred souls for a special pause from the mundane,
To have our hearts and minds stretched and to be comforted that we are not alone,
To move further towards the heart’s truth,
To be grateful,
To be curious,
To search,
To commune,
To spend an hour of oneness in the mystery of “sacred stillness”....
To inspire and let ourselves be inspired,
To acknowledge the mystery of our short lives, and to admit that we haven’t got it all figured out.

We hold space.  We hold hearts.  We come together because things of worth are worth gathering for.