Upcoming Worship Services

All services start at 10:30 am (unless noted) with childcare available.

March 2018


Sunday, March 4
In Dreams Begin Responsibility
Mark Abley
Music by Maider Martineau and Sandra Hunt
Dreams are as essential as bread — we couldn’t live without them. To place limits on dreams is to constrict the imagination. But what if the urge to create runs into conflict with the need to be morally responsible? The Irish poet William Butler Yeats quoted an old saying at the start of one his finest collections of poems: “In dreams begin responsibility."


Sunday, March 11
Pathways of Creativity 
Danielle Webber
Music by Maider Martineau, Olivier Arsenault, Patricia Ho-Yi Wang and Chloe Hart
With special guests this morning sharing their understandings of creativity in music and dance, we will be looking at many different ways to engage with creativity. How do we start on the path, what keeps us there, and how do people find joy, frustration, elation and fury? No matter where you are on the pathway of creativity, even if you think you are not on it at all, we hope this service will stir something inside you

creativity 3.jpg

Sunday, March 18
Creative Passion or Spiritual Practice?
Danielle Webber

Music by the Parts in Peace choir, led by Maider Martineau, with accompaniment by Sandra Hunt and guest musician Benjamin Tremblay Carpentier
There are so many ways to live into our creativity: in spurts of activity, with regular practice,
in constant, overwhelming flows. Sometimes we draw it out of a dry well. How do we understand these different modes of creativity? Two models of creative expression have gained popularity: as an expression of passion and as a spiritual practice. What are their differences? What are their

creativity 4.jpg

Sunday, March 25
Creative Spirit Jam

Danielle Webber
Music by Sandra Hunt
Come to worship this morning with your creative selves ready to play! The worship and staff team have gathered multiple creative opportunities for you. Interested in jamming in a musical session with Sandra? Or dancing with the children and Chloe? Perhaps you want something more
contemplative and would like to try your hand at writing or visual art? We will also have an
opportunity for you to play with fiber, yarn, and stitching floss, or with building blocks and Lego. Please join us this morning as we worshipfully explore creativity.