Upcoming Worship Services

All services start at 10:30 am (unless noted).

July 2018

Sunday, July 1
Nothing Fits at the Back of My Mind
Chloe Hart with music by Basil Vandervort-Charbonneau.  
Whether it be her cellphone, a doodle, a to-do list, or a preoccupation, Chloe has never taken kindly to being asked to put something aside. However, during her trip to Meaning Makers, a spiritual development program for young adults, she was asked to "put something down" that was keeping her from being truly present to the experience. What kind of work does it take to put down the things that are distracting us? Chloe will be discussing the comfort and the complexity she has found in the invitation to "put something down", rather than putting something aside, behind her, at the back of her mind, in her desk, in her backpack, or any other place it has been suggested to her put her things. Childcare will be available.

Sunday, July 8
Gaining Spiritual Awareness Through Our Understanding of Mathematics
Timothy Byrnes with music by Louise Halperin

An exploration of the concept of numeracy as a means to gaining perspective. Timothy shares thoughts on how our intuitive mathematical understanding can be broadened to reveal truths that can seem lost through needless abstraction. An understanding of numbers that seem larger than ourselves can help in our search for understanding our oneself.  Childcare will be available.

Sunday, July 15
Kendra Gray will present Stretching Beyond: Embracing Liberia’s Complexity on Sunday, July 15 at 10:30 am. The musician will be Christine Lee.
"We are all a product of our environment. Stepping out of our regular surroundings provides us with the occasion to reconsider assumptions and biases, and rethink priorities. For me, six months (2013) in a rural Liberian community was (and is) a continual reminder that what is “normal” and assumed in one place is not universal. And that growth happens when we allow ourselves to stretch in previous unseen directions."

Sunday, July 22

Sunday, July 29