Volunteer Job - Film Series Coordinator

As of this February, Cym Gomery will be stepping down from the Social and Environmental Concerns Committee and will no longer be coordinating the film series. Therefore, we are looking for a new social justice Film Series Coordinator. It could be one person, but ideally would consist of a two or three-person team would be ideal for this role. They could then alternate and distribute the tasks, for each month:


  • Booking the room at UCM and ensuring there is a key holder.

  • Obtaining a social-justice themed film, which could be: a CD from a library; a downloaded film on a USB; or a film streamed from a link.

  • Arranging to pay an honorarium to the filmmaker, in cases where it is a film produced by an small independent filmmaker (we have had a few of these). This can come from the SECC budget.

  • Advertising the film event (Email, UCM newsletters, WAAG, posters, Facebook event etc.)

  • Doing a technical and sound test run on site, before the event.

  • Planning Q&A discussion conversation starters.

  • Writing a review for the WAAG, the newsletter.

The day of:

  • Being present to set up chairs, close blinds, remind people to head upstairs, etc.

  • Setting up the computer (if using) and cables, running the film.

  • Leading the discussion after the film

  • Taking photos at the event (optional)

  • Writing a review for the WAAG & the monthly newsletter


  • Attending Council meetings

Contact cgomery@hushmail.com for more information about this position.

About Us: 

The Unitarian Church of Montreal (UCM) is an inclusive faith community of about 260 members, families and friends, offering many ways to nurture spiritual exploration and practice, and to participate in social justice.  We welcome those with diverse religious perspectives:  atheists, agnostics, and theists, as well as those who consider themselves spiritual but not religious.  We welcome lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals.

The Unitarian Church of Montreal is a spiritual community committed to diversity in our hiring practices; we encourage those who experience marginalization because of race or ethnic background, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, socio-economic background, or other factors to apply.