What's Happening Oct 6 - Oct 12, 2014

Coming up this Sunday, October 12, the Rev. Diane Rollert's 10:30 am service will be Awestruck. Awe has its ancient and modern meanings. If we seek to live a life of awe do we allow for reverence or humility or do we simply rejoice in what delights and amazes us?

Our scheduled weekly activities include the ongoing Play Group, the Parts in Peace choir rehearsal, and the Book Discussion Group.

In addition, there will be memorial Service for Sally Gibbs on Saturday, Oct 11 at 11 am in the Sanctuary.

For more information  and details about the week's activities, continue reading below.

Tuesday, October 7, and Thursday, Oct 9, 10:00 am - noon, Nursery
Play Group    
We welcome children under five on a drop-in basis accompanied by a (grand)parent or caregiver. Pack a snack for your child(ren). Coffee is provided. Open to all, whether church members or not. No charge but a donation of $3/session per family is suggested. Contact: Melani Litwack at 514-394-2043
Tuesday, Oct 7, 7:30 pm. Phoenix Hall
Choir rehearsal  
The choir will be preparing music for a December seasonal concert, which will include excerpts from Carmina Burana, HMS Pinafore, light works, humorous music and a sing-along.To be a member of Carmina, no ability to read music is necessary as learning aids are provided. A sense of humour is an advantage. Contact: Brian Brice at 514-843-6497.   

Wednesday, October 8,  7:00 pm - tea; 7:30 pm - discussion, Thomas Room
Book Discussion Group
The Disappeared by Kim Echlin: Anne Greves is a motherless Canadian girl. Her lover, a gentle Cambodian rebel and exiled musician leaves their Montreal flat one day to seek his family in the aftermath of Pol Pot's savage revolution. After a decade without word, Anne abandons everything to search for him in Phnom Penh, a city traumatized by the Khmer Rouge slaughter. Haunting, vivid, elegiac, The Disappeared is an unforgettable consideration of language, justice, and memory.
New members welcome.
Contact: Kathy Douglas, 514-488-9608

Thursday, October 9, 7:25 - 9:00 pm, Phoenix Hall
Parts in Peace Choir rehearsal   
While I am adventuring to Japan and China with the OSM, Sarah Albu will take over weekly rehearsals to prepare the choir for our November Remembrance service.
Everyone is welcome to join the UCM's designated Sunday Service Choir! All that is required is enthusiasm, a certain commitment to attend rehearsals in order not to let your colleagues down, and a binder and pencil. Our goal is to learn beautiful, accessible and fun songs from all styles and periods. We offer these songs to complement the service themes, generally once a month at a Sunday morning service.  Recordings of voice parts for many of the songs we learn are available online at www.ucmtl.ca/choir-practice/
Contact:  Sandra Hunt, Director of Music, at 514-484-5559.

Saturday, October 11, 11:00 am, Sanctuary
Memorial Service for Sally Gibbs
Sally was a long-time member of our church and passed away on  September 25 in Newport, New Hampshire. Sally retired in her 70s  from her position as Full-Professor in the Biology Department at McGill University.  
Sunday, October 12, after the 'Time for All Ages'
R.E.: All the food-harvest-help activity will culminate in an All Ages group meeting in the Chapel. The sauce will be decanted into jars, labels made and posters finalized. We will also play some food games.
Sunday, October 12, 10:30 am
Rev. Diane Rollert
Music by Louise Halperin
Awe has its ancient and modern meanings. If we seek to live a life of awe do we allow for reverence or humility or do we simply rejoice in what delights and amazes us?