What's Happening Dec 8 - 14, 2014

Join us this Sunday, December 14 at 10:30 am, for Contes d'hiver/Winter Tales : Célébration bilingue with Yolaine, une vraie conteuse québécoise, et Rev. Diane Rollert. Musique/music: Sarah Albu & Ina, chorale musicale/women's a cappella choir. Yolaine will share three tales about winter, snow, generosity, uniqueness and the origin of snowdrops.

Sign-up to join in singing and creating movements for each of the Twelve Days of Christmas for the Dec. 21 Sunday service. The sign-up sheet is posted outside the Nursery. The UCM Mitten Tree is eagerly awaiting your gifts for the Montreal Diet Dispensary. The last day to contribute is Dec. 21.

Don't forget to send us your 2015 pledge. You can fill out your form online or carry in the form you received in the mail.

For information and details about more or this week's activities, continue reading below.

Tuesday and Thursday, December 9 and 11, , 10:00 am - noon, Nursery
Play Group    

We welcome children under five on a drop-in basis accompanied by a (grand)parent or caregiver. Pack a snack for your child(ren). Coffee is provided. Open to all, whether church members or not. No charge but a donation of $3/session per family is suggested.
Contact: Melani Litwack at 514-394-2043

Tuesday, December 9, 12:00 - 1:15 pm, Thomas Room
Seeking the Sacred in Stories

Facilitated by Rev. Diane Rollert
Bring your own brown bag lunch and join this ongoing group, as we deepen in community and search for meaning in the stories we read. Copies of stories will be available from the office.
Tuesday, December 9, 7:30 pm,  Phoenix Hall
Carmina Choir rehearsal
The choir will be preparing music for a December seasonal concert, which will include excerpts from Carmina Burana, HMS Pinafore, light works, humorous music and a sing-along. To be a member of Carmina, no ability to read music is necessary as learning aids are provided. A sense of humour is an advantage.
Contact: Brian Brice at 514-843-6497.

Wednesday, December 10, 5:00 pm, Thomas Room
Book Discussion Group

Please join us for our 7th annual book-group-holiday-mystery-movie/potluck-supper-night. Setting up and food at 5:00 - 6:25 pm, movie starts at 6:30 pm. We disband at 9:00 pm.
Contact: Kathy Douglas, 514-488-9608
Thursday, December 11, 7:25 - 9:00 pm, Phoenix Hall
Parts in Peace Choir rehearsal 
Everyone is welcome to join the UCM's designated Sunday Service Choir! All that is required is enthusiasm, a certain commitment to attend rehearsals in order not to let your colleagues down, and a binder and pencil. Our goal is to learn beautiful, accessible and fun songs from all styles and periods. We offer these songs to complement the service themes, generally once a month at a Sunday morning service.  Recordings of voice parts for many of the songs we learn are available online at http://www.ucmtl.ca/ucm-music-resources
Contact:   Sandra Hunt, Director of Music, at 514-484-5559.

Saturday, December 13, 8:00 pm, Sanctuary
Carmina Choir presents "Winter Wonderland/La Magie d'hiver"
A sing-along concert for all. Venez chanter en choeur!
Suggested donation: $10.
Sunday, December 14, 10:00 - 10:25 am
Children's Choir
Sandra Hunt and Caroline lead the Children's Choir, practicing songs for the Multi-gen.
(Sarah will be rehearsing for the entire service with her women's a cappella group , "INA".)

Dimanche le 14 décembre, 10 h 30
Contes d'hiver/Winter Tales : Célébration bilingue

Yolaine, une vraie conteuse québécoise, et Rev. Diane Rollert
Musique/music: Sarah Albu & Ina, chorale musicale/women's a cappella choir
What's our winter story? Do we tell ourselves that winter is awful, or do we allow ourselves to enjoy the cold? What better way to survive the winter than to hear winter tales? Yolaine will share three tales about winter, snow, generosity, uniqueness and the origin of snowdrops. Ina, the fabulous women's choir led by Sarah Albu, will join us.
Yolaine nous contera trois contes : Un qui se passe d'un Jour de l'An à l'autre avec une leçon sur la générosité, un autre sur l'origine de la neige et sur le thème de l'unicité de chacun, et enfin, un sur l'origine du perce-neige et parle de don. Ina, la fabuleuse chorale de femmes animée par Sarah Albu nous joindra aussi.
Sunday, December 14, after the 'Time for all Ages'  
The children will be preparing for the Multi-gen and completing some craft kits to give to children who may come to the NDG Food Depot and need an activity.  They will share Christmas and Hannukkah stories as well as songs.
Sunday, December 14, 12.15 - 3:30 pm, Thomas Room
Pathway to Membership

Would you like to know more about Unitarian Universalism? Would you like to become a member? Join our minister for our new member orientation program and learn about our Unitarian and Universalist heritage and the meaning of membership. A light lunch and child care will be provided. RSVP to Petrina Lee Poy, membership coordinator at: membership@ucmtl.ca or call her at 514-485-5555.