BidNite 2014

It’s round-up time for all the wonderful items and opportunities offered for auction at BidNite, the UCM’s main fundraiser. This year’s event will be a “Teddy Bears’ Soirée” on Sat., Nov. 15. Download the  two-page announcement linked below for more details.

We invite each and everyone in the UCM community to submit their offers to this eclectic auction. Anything goes ­ lessons, parties, excursions, collectibles, crafts, and of course ever-popular food items! If you are stumped about what you can offer, see last year’s BidNite catalog on display in Phoenix Hall.

BidNite 2014 Information and Form

On page two of the linked  announcement you will find a form on which you can make your personal offer to the auction block. Just fill in the electronic form using your keyboard, save it, and send it as an attachment to  But if you prefer pencil and paper, you have two options: print the attached form, or pick up a copy in Phoenix Hall. Completed forms may be deposited in the designated envelope attached to the information kiosk.
Offers are due on or before Sunday, Oct. 19. And remember,  making an offer is one of the best ways to get to know people in this congregation.
Looking forward to your offers,
The UCM BidNite Team

Petrina Lee Poy
Susan Gyetvay
Maychai Brown