What's Happening August 11 - August 31, 2014

Join us for the interesting Sunday services coming up for the rest of the month of August.

Sunday, August 17, 10:30 am
Meeting in the Sky
Olga Hazan
Olga Hazan will talk about the legend of the Prophet Muhammad’s Night Journey inspired by Sura XVII of the Qr’an. This legend describes Muhammad’s ascension through the seven heavens, and the way he meets biblical prophets such as Abraham, Moses and Jesus. The presentation will be based on textual and visual sources which will be distributed with the order of service. Download the images for Meeting in the Sky

Additional information: Olga Hazan's reflection on Sunday, 17 August was based on her book, "Le Prophète Muhammad: Entre le mot et l'image." A copy of the book will be made available at the church library.   http://www.editionsfides.com/fr/product/editions-fides/religion-et-spiritualite/histoire-des-religions/le-prophete-muhammad_468.aspx

Sunday, August 24, 10:30 am
Les gens de la rue à Saint-Jérome
August Yves Manseau
Yves Manseau est responsable du Service de défense des droits, accompagnement, formation et mobilisation à l'organisme Pro Jeunes Environnement (PJE). Il nous parlera de ses expériences avec les gens de la rue.

Sunday, August 31 
The Tipping Point - Ethical  Considerations Surrounding Food Choices
Cym Gomery, Marie-France Boisvert
A service about inevitable moral choices, be they implicit or explicit. Cym Gomery will be discussing Carnism, the belief system and psychology of meat eating, and Marie-France Boisvert will talk about agri-business and the economic feasibility of food choices.