Dancing with Hope (Audio Available)

Sermon by Rev. Diane Rollert, 25 January 2015

I’ve begun to wonder if our relationship with hope changes throughout our lives, as our circumstances change and as we age.  You could call it a dance, but maybe it’s really a roller coaster ride or les montagnes russes, as they say in French.  That up and down, back and forth, excitement, disappointment, wondering, and waiting, then falling and climbing back up again that seems to define life.

Often we look to children and youth to give us hope.  They are the future, after all.  I know I watch the infants and toddlers in our midst and I envy their ability to be so present to each living moment.  They are filled with that holy wonder that we adults so often miss.  I don’t think that hope is really something that infants and toddlers experience, precisely because they are so present to the ”now”.  Maybe you have to be able to imagine life’s possibilities and disappointments before you can encounter hope.

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