2016 Financial Commitment

It’s that time of year when we ask you to make a financial pledge to support the UCM community. This year, our goal is to collect everyone's pledge by November 8, then we'll set our budget for the year.  

Rather than procrastinating, submit your pledge today.  Use this link to submit your form:
www.ucmtl.ca/2016-pledge-form/  It's fast and painless! Or use the attached form, or pickup a form in the church foyer, or we’ll mail one to you.

Lately, Prue Rains, our stewardship chair, has been sharing some thought-provoking ways to consider giving. She's said it all better than we possibly could, so here are her Sunday Stewardship Moments for your reading pleasure.  All we want to add is that we really love this community and the amazing things it does for our lives and the lives of others.  New initiatives for 2016 include:

  • Expanding our music program with a new song and choir leader to compliment the extraordinary talents of Sandra Hunt, our music director;
  • Hiring a new, bilingual administrator, as Verna Litwack retires at the end of December;
  • Expanding the role of communications to increase outreach in English and French;
  • Supporting more campus ministry, youth and young adult programs;
  • Encouraging the participation of families by providing child care during many of our programs;
  • Supporting the professional development of our new director of religious education;
  • Completing landscaping to make the front entry to our building welcoming and more accessible;
  • Increasing our concierge staff to provide more times that church activities can be offered;
  • Continuing to support and grow our Exploration Groups and theme-based ministry;
  • Supporting a new social justice initiative to sponsor a Syrian refugee family

There's more, but we think you get the picture.  We need your support to realize these plans.  (If you are having a rough year, we want you to stay connected and not worry about giving. We are here to support each other through the good times and the bad.)   We value everything you give: your time, your ideas, your talents, your gifts and your willingness to show up and participate in our spiritual community. This place is a rare find in our lives because of you.

If you'd like to know more about pledging or how you can get involved in other ways, don't hesitate to contact either of us, or Prue Rains, pruerains@gmail.com.  

Thank you,
Stanislaus Mackiewicz, President of the Board of Management, smackiewicz917@gmail.com

Rev. Diane Rollert, Minister, dianerollert@ucmtl.ca

P.S.  The congregational budget meeting to vote on the budget is on Sunday, November 22, at noon. We'll also vote on a resolution to begin the process to sponsor a Syrian refugee family (the initial funds have already been donated). If you’d like to review the budget in detail, join us for the budget preview meeting on Sunday, November 8, at noon.