A Pocketful of Integrity (Audio Available)

Sermon by Rev. Diane Rollert, 4 October 2015


Each possession you possess
Helps your spirits to soar
That's what's soothing about excess
Never settle for something less

Something's better than nothing, yes
But nothing's better than more, more, more

“More”.  Stephen Sondheim wrote the music and lyrics. Madonna sang it.  (You just heard Tara Bissett sing it.) It comes from the movie, Dick Tracy.)

The funny thing is, studies show that, past a certain point, money does not buy happiness.  It just buys envy, greed and an insatiable appetite for more, more, more — a hole that can never be filled.  They also say that when it comes to intimate relationships, money may be the biggest source of stress.  More than sex.  More than family.  More than parenting.  So it seems strange that when we talk about wholeness in our lives, especially here in church, we rarely talk about our relationship to money.

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