After the War is Over


I am so grateful to Vera, one of our World War II survivors, for speaking during our Remembrance Day service. She is one of the greatest models of resilience I know. I am amazed to think of her as a 16 year-old girl in 1944 in France, as her father is deported to Auschwitz, and her mother, who was not Jewish, joins the French resistance. Vera once told me that her mother’s survival was a daily miracle. Vera, herself, was sent into hiding at a local college, virtually orphaned by the war. When her school was requisitioned and closed by a division of the third Reich, she became a courier for the local resistance network, thanks to an old racing bicycle. As a happy end, both her parents survived and all four of their great-grand-children were born here in peaceful Canada.

Those who witnessed the war, who still remember, are treasures to us.

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