Introducing Our New Song and Choir Leader: Maider Martineau

We are thrilled that Maider Martineau is joining our musical team as song and choir leader. She comes to us with a wealth of musical experience in vocal technique, conducting choirs and vocal workshops in classical, popular and Basque and Quebecois traditional song. She is completing a Masters in Music at the Université de Laval, training in instrumental education, song, Quebecois accordion, jazz piano and percussion.

Originally from Pays-Basque, Maider also holds a degree from L’Institute Supérieur des Arts de Toulouse, France, where she studied song, the Basque accordion and alboka (a single reed instrument), and won awards for music composition. She says that she developed her passion for singing while growing up in the Basque culture where singing is a regular part of life. “At dinner, everyone sings!”