What's Happening Feb 9 - 15, 2015

Join us this Sunday, February 15, 10:30 am for Ceremonies of Love and Belonging: Celebrating Lay Chaplaincy with Rev. Carole Martignacco, Shoshanna Green, Caroline Jondahl and Normand Gosselin. Music will be provided by Sandra Hunt, Geneviève Demers, soprano, and Marie-France Boisvert, violin.

Please note: Recent news reports have suggested that there may be an outbreak of measles in the Montreal area. Because some parents have decided not to have their children vaccinated, the risk of catching measles is increased for others, both children and adults, especially those who are immune-compromised.

While we respect parents' right to decide this issue for themselves and for their children, we encourage you to reflect on how that decision may impact the well-being of others in their community. Please bring your child for Sunday Services, Religious Education classes, First Friday Socials or Play Group, only if they have been immunized until this episode has passed.  As a general update, there are eight unconfirmed cases in the Lanaudière region. Testing should be finished at the end of the week.  
Some general  measles information: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/measles/basics/symptoms/con-20019675  And here's an article from CBC concerning Toronto's four reported cases:  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/measles-cases-could-lead-to-outbreak-public-health-official-1.2942860 

For more information and details about other events and activities this week, continue reading below.

Tuesday and Thursday, February 10 and 12, 10:00 am - noon, Nursery Play Group    
We welcome children under five on a drop-in basis accompanied by a (grand)parent or caregiver. Pack a snack for your child(ren). Coffee is provided. Open to all, whether church members or not. No charge but a donation of $3/session per family is suggested. Contact: Melani Litwack at 514-394-2043

Tuesday, February 10, 7:30 pm, Phoenix Hall
Carmina Choir

Ability to read music is not necessary as learning aids are provided. A sense of humour is an advantage. For further information, please contact the director, Brian Brice, or call at 514-843-6497

Tuesday, February 10,  12:00 - 1:15 pm, Thomas Room
Seeking the Sacred in Stories

Facilitated by Rev. Carole Martignacco
Bring your own brown bag lunch and join this ongoing group, as we deepen in community and search for meaning in the stories we read. Copies of stories will be available from the office.

Wednesday, February 11, 7:15 tea and 7:30 discussion, Thomas Room
Book Discussion Group

Thursday, February 12, 7:25 - 9:00 pm, Phoenix Hall
Parts in Peace Choir rehearsal

The UCM's service choir, meets to sing all kinds of genres of music from the Indian National Anthem to French chansons, rounds and four-part harmonies.  We are committed to singing at least once a month at Sunday services so our musical choices reflect the message of the service. Bring a binder for your music and a pencil with eraser. Non-music readers are enthusiastically welcomed along with seasoned choristers.  You just have to love to sing -- or want to find your musical voice.  It's a great way to participate in the life of our church!  Recordings of voice parts for many of the songs we learn are available online at http://www.ucmtl.ca/ucm-music-resources
Contact:   Sandra Hunt, Director of Music, at 514-484-5559.
Friday, February 13, 7:00 pm, Thomas Room
A Lesbian Social Discussion Group 
is starting at the Unitarian Church.  It will meet monthly on Friday evenings to socialize and discuss topics of interest. The intention is to provide a friendly place for lesbians to meet. As a primarily English speaking group although francophones are certainly welcome.  We will have a different topic each time --e.g., discussion of lesbian books, films we've seen, topics of interest in current gay culture; we may also occasionally plan a potluck meal.    I am facilitating the beginning of this group, but topics will evolve according to members' interests.  I'm starting the group because I've found there's a scarcity of places in downtown Montreal for lesbians to gather on a regular basis. There are five gatherings planned in this first series, always on the second Friday of the month, i.e., March 13, April 10, May 8 and June 12.For more information and to offer suggestions, don't hesitate to contact me,  Carole Tenbrink at 514-563-2429   

Sunday, February 15, 10:30 am
Ceremonies of Love and Belonging: Celebrating Lay Chaplaincy

Rev. Carole Martignacco, Shoshanna Green, Caroline Jondahl and Normand Gosselin
Music by Sandra Hunt, Geneviève Demers, soprano, and Marie-France Boisvert, violin

Sunday, February 15, 10:40-10:50 am  R.E.
1) 'Time for All Ages' will focus on a dedication ceremony for all children in R.E. who choose to participate. Please contact RE Staff to join .
2) Mystery Friends - After R.E., starting at 12:05 or so 
A 'reveal-all' lunch served in the Chapel for the children and adults involved this year. Parents are asked to contribute veggies, cookies, or similar finger food snacks.