Falling in Love with the World Again

Sermon by Rev. Diane Rollert, 7 June 2015
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I wrote these words five years ago in an early December.  It was winter then, not a beautiful green spring day like today.  Yet the image still remains powerfully vivid in my mind as I contemplate beauty and my love for this world.

It was in the early morning, the day before the sky became thick with a white, impenetrable cloud cover and the snow began.  I was walking along the Lachine Canal.  This is my landscape, the place where I often walk.   That particular morning, the days being so short, the sun had only just begun to rise.  Everything was hazy with a soft suffusion of pale mauve.  The bricks of the buildings lining the canal were dark, the trees blackened, the city itself still sleeping— a foggy mirage of Montreal rising above the bridges.  

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