What's Happening October 24 - October 30, 2016

Join us Sunday, October 30 at 10:30 am for Five Wishes as I Cross This Threshold: All Souls Sunday with Rev. Diane Rollert and Josée Blanchet, accompanied by music by Sandra Hunt, the Parts in Peace Choir directed by Maider Martineau, and VOISA, ensemble vocal géorgien, led by Josée Blanchet. On this day we reflect on the meaning of harvest and loss as we celebrate our All Souls bread communion and light candles of memory for those who have died. Our children will delight us once again with their Halloween costume parade. We’ll also take time to consider whether it is possible to gracefully face the reality of death in our lives.

Other events this week include the Being Mortal group starting on Tuesday, October 25th, 1:30- 3 pm. Space is still available in this group. The Second Annual Halloween Social will be Friday, October 29th, starting at 5:30 pm. Daffodil planting for the 175th anniversary is scheduled after the Sunday service on October 30. 

For more information about these events, visit the This Month page.