Charles and Nancy: Fortitude, Grace and a Bit of Mischief (Audio available)

Tributes from Rev. Diane Rollert, Rev. Ray Drennan, Rev. Peter Boullata, Rev. Fred Cappuccino, and Last Words from Charles Eddis, 2 October 2016

Introduction from Rev. Diane Rollert

First of all, happy birthday, Charles and Nancy. Nancy celebrated her 85th birthday in June, and Charles celebrated his 90th birthday in July.

If you simply define grace as the deep joy that comes from encountering a gift or an act of kindness you didn’t expect, earn, create or even deserve, then that’s been my experience of coming to Montreal as a new minister and finding Charles and Nancy here. It was truly grace to be embraced by the two of you.

It can be hard for new ministers, especially new women stepping into the role, to establish themselves when the former minister is still present. But that has never been my experience. Charles has been my most steadfast supporter, cheerleader and friend. Nancy, well, she’s the person I seek out when I really need to lay my burdens down. I know she’ll hear me out, keep confidence and make me laugh.

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