Hearing the Cries of War and Peace (Audio Available)

Rev. Diane Rollert,  13 November 2016

I recently went through all the sermons that I’d written over the past ten years for Remembrance Day. Sometimes you look back and you realize that you’ve already said what needs to be said. You keep dreaming the same dreams of peace, but the world hasn’t changed. 

They say that if we step back and just look at the statistics, we are living in the most peaceful time ever in recorded history. Yet why is it that the cries of war seem to only get louder, while the cries for peace are continually drowned out? Why are so many of us feeling on high alert, fearing the next violent conflagration? How can we close our eyes to the refugees fleeing war torn countries? How can we close our eyes to a humanitarian crisis that has become the rallying cry for bigotry and the rising spectre of fascism?

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