Rev. Fulgence Ndagijimana Will Join Us Sunday, April 10

This Sunday, April 10 at 10:30 a.m., Rev. Fulgence Ndagijimana, founding minister of the Unitarian Church of Burundi, will join me in reflecting on the theme of vulnerability. 

Rev. Fulgence was forced to flee his home in the capital city of Bujumbura in February when his life was threatened by government forces. He is currently living with me and my husband David as he waits for acceptance of his petition for asylum in Canada. Over the past two months, we’ve spent many hours sharing thoughts about life, loss and ministry. Recently, we realized that we’ve really been talking about vulnerability — from the personal to the global, and the physical to the emotional. 

He helped  found the Unitarian Church of Bujumbura where he has served as its minister for the past 12 years. In addition to serving his church, Rev. Fulgence was working as a project director for an international NGO in Burundi. His congregation continues to meet, even as many of its members have been forced to flee. His wife and son are currently in asylum in the US. They hope to be reunited soon.