Is Faith Still a Wounded Word? (Audio Available)

Reflection by Rev. Diane Rollert, 1 May 2016


Today marks almost exactly ten years that this congregation voted to call me to become its 11th settled minister. (The date was April 30, 2006, to be precise.) It was an act of faith on your part to call me as your minister, just as it was an act of faith on my part to come here as a new minister to a new community and new country. I wouldn’t call it act of trust, because to trust someone is to get to know them over time and to learn just how far they are able to support you or be honest with you. I call this an act of faith, because we were walking out onto a tightrope together, taking risks to be in relationship without any preparation or practice. We hardly knew each other. We simply had to hope that with time we’d learn how to balance and support each other. 

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