Reflection on Orlando (Audio Available)

Reflection by Rev. Diane Rollert, 19 June 2016

Last Sunday, as I was preparing to come to church, I heard the first news reports of a fatal shooting in a nightclub in Orlando FL. At that particular moment, I didn’t know any details. The numbers were still vague.  I made a call, a decision, that I wouldn’t say anything during our service. I hesitated because I still didn’t know enough about what was happening. I also hesitated because, over the years, when I have responded to shootings in the United States, I have been reminded that we are in Canada and these are US problems and concerns. I have been reminded that there are people dying from violence every day in many other places in the world.

I didn’t know early last Sunday morning that this would be a tragedy that would shock the whole world. We’ve gotten numbed by the mass shootings that happen all too frequently in the US. It’s become expected, as something simply accepted as part of daily life there. But by the time I got home Sunday afternoon, the world was reeling with the brutal reality of what had happened at the Pulse nightclub.

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