What's Happening November 6 - 12, 2017


On Sunday, November 15 at 10:30 am, our worship service will be The Humble Leader: Remembrance Day Service with Rev. Diane Rollert and music by Maider Martineau and Louise Halperin.
Lao-Tzu once said that if you avoid putting yourself before others you can become a great leader among the people. What does it mean to lead humbly rather than with hubris and pride? On this Remembrance Day Sunday, we take time to remember those who have served in wartime and those whose lives have been impacted by war, as we consider the power of humble leadership to lead us to a place of peace.

Sacred Stories will meet on Tuesday, November 7, at noon. There will be a Council meeting at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, November 8, to decide the 2018 recipients of sharing our weekly collection throughout the year.