What's Happening May 8 - 14, 2017

Unitiarian church of Montreal play glitter

Join us the Sunday May 14 at 10:30, for Spirit Jam: A Sunday to Play with Rev. Diane Rollert and others and music by Sandra Hunt and Maider Martineau. Replenish your spiritual and emotional reserves by engaging in play. We’ll come together as a whole community to begin our service, and then break off into smaller groups to explore creative, meditative, or other kinds of spiritual practices. Our Spirit Jam will give you the chance to respond to what you need: to be energized, calm down, or be creative. Remember, play is good for us all. Experts on the social effects of play say that people who engage in purely enjoyable and purposeless activities tend to be less violent, more empathic and trusting, and more adaptable to life’s challenges. It’s Mother’s Day, so bring your mom, or favourite mom-like person in your life.

The Creative Play Group will meet Friday Morning, May 12 at 10:00 am. Sunday, May 14, the Collage Afternoon will meet at 1 pm. The Cyclofemme Family Bicycle ride will depart from UCM at 1 pm.

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