What's Happening January 15 - 21, 2018


Join us on Sunday, January 21 at 10:30 am, The Growth of Humanity, with Danielle Webber and music by Louise Halperin and Maider Martineau.
hu-man-i-ty ((h)yooˈmanədē
- Compassionate, sympathetic, or generous: the quality or state of being human
- The totality of human beings: the human race.
With the two very different definitions of humanity, what does it mean to explore the growth of humanity? And what really is the difference? We will be looking at how our personal and spiritual growth is different from the growth of human beings and the human race – trying to understand the pros and cons of how the growth of humans has affected humans.

January RE Lunch, 12:00 pm, Phoenix Hall
Our January RE community lunch will follow the service. The lunch is offered as a gift to the community, for which there is no cost. Your additions of nut-free desserts are always appreciated, and we will be collecting contributions to support youth and young adults traveling for spiritual and professional development.