Lucia Ann Hunt - 10 March 1957 - 30 April 2008

A remembrance for Lucia Ann Hunt by Rev. Diane Rollert, May 5, 2008

Ann was born Lucia Ann Gilbertson. When she married Hugh she joked that it was a marriage of convenience, since Hunt would be a much shorter name to spell. And so she became Ann Hunt.

Ann came from a long line of Lucia’s dating back more than 200 hundred years – all history that she carefully uncovered, researching and reading through family letters. Ann could trace her family history back not only through the long list of Lucias, but also back to a woman named Rebecca Nurse, well-known in US history for having been condemned at the Salem witch trials. Her family history was rich and that was important to Ann.

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Remembering J. Peter Kohl - November 22, 1925 - December 27, 2007

A memorial service, presided over by Rev. Diane Rollert, was held Jan. 2, 2008 for Peter Kohl.

We gather this afternoon to say goodbye to Peter Kohl, a man so many of us admired and loved. We gather to say goodbye too soon. It is too recent and too raw for us to fathom the depth and the breadth of his loss.

Yet he would have wanted us to celebrate his life, as he celebrated and treasured the gift of living to the very end. He would have wanted his family and his friends to laugh and to sing on this day. 

And so we will. We will cherish the memories of the spark and spirit that he was.

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