Buried Treasure - Meditation for Father's Day

Meditation by Rev. Diane Rollert, 5 June 2014

Where do you find your treasure?
Do you find it in a father’s love for his children?
Do you find it buried deep in your heart?
Sometimes we look too far for answers that already lie within.

There are times when we live with disappointment,
when we regret what could not be,
when the love we sought
escaped us,
when fathers, mothers, sons and daughters,
fail to be what we thought we always needed.

There are times when we are wise enough
to count our blessings
as something more than material wealth,
when all the plans
we thought we had carefully prepared
suddenly fall away
to be replaced by the unexpected.

The day finally comes
when we find the answers for ourselves,
when we realize that home is something we choose to create,
when love becomes something that can be abundant
if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable,
if we plough  the fertile soil together.

Our fathers may leave us greater gifts than we ever realize.

May we have the wisdom to plant the harvest
in the fields we have been given