Early November

Meditation by Rev. Diane Rollert, 4 November 2012

Grey day. Cold.
The time has changed
to bring us more light,
but we know the light is diminishing now.
The days will come when we will rise in darkness
and end our afternoons in darkness.

Light, we need light,
to store up within ourselves
until the spring.

Mother of all please heal this world,
this is what I want to sing.
Who are we but these tiny specks
on this vast and powerful earth?
Its atmosphere swirling into storms,
its insides turning inside-out
into trembles and waves
that take away our memories. 

Age brings wisdom, we hope,
to heal this world, to heal ourselves.
But it takes so long to get it right
before the time we have runs out.
Then our bodies must let others
take up the cause
as we deepen into something greater.

Always there is the impermanence of all things,
the guarantee that nothing lasts,
but how we fight against the inevitable.
Water drops softly, day by day,
onto smooth stones
that give way with time
to be swept into the ocean.

Then, what is left are the memories –
ours to honour but never fully hold.
Then, all that is truly left is this moment,
to seize, to fully embody,
to be,
to do what we can,
with gratitude and grace.