From Inertia to Love

Meditation by Rev. Diane Rollert, 26 January 2014

Day after day,
what are the things we do
out of habit,
out of a false sense of duty,
out of inertia?
Moment after moment,
what are the thoughts
that repeat
in our minds,
that keep us from moving
beyond the small spaces
we find ourselves crawling into?

I wish I knew all the answers.
I wish I could steer us all toward love,
toward the vastness
of this earth,
toward its beauty
even on a frozen winter’s morning
when the sky is a pale blue,
nearly as white as the snow.

I wish I could steer us all toward love,
toward the wise ones,
the keepers of this earth
who know what it is to survive
even when your soul is crushed.

How often do we cut ourselves off
from what we love,
and from the losses of love,
to appear strong,
to do what we have been led to believe is right?
How often do we fail to recognize the privileged place we hold
that blinds us and keeps us stuck in our daily patterns?

If we could just open our hearts
and let go of the I and the ego,
would we find another way,
a clearer way,
beyond all that disconnects us?

There are those who laugh at love
and say it is not enough.