Meditation on Time

Meditation by Rev. Diane Rollert, 22 June 2014

O Spirit of Life,
A poet asks us:
“What will you do with your one wild and precious life?”
Sometimes I think we live our lives
washing the dishes,
cooking meals three times a day,
taking out the garbage,
reading the newspaper,
brushing our teeth--
moving from one mundane moment to the next,
without much mindfulness or gratitude.

We forget how our sense of time changes
within each stage of life.
When we are young we want everything to speed up
And as we age it does
Until we wish that it would slow it down again.

We live within these regulated markers
of seconds, minutes, and hours -- these human constructs.
A day is a day,
And yet we know the difference
between the longest day of the solstice in summer
and the shortest day of the solstice in winter.
But in between yesterday seems hardly different than the day before.
In between those markers
we still have to wonder
how will we live?

Do we choose to let time be filled with anger and distrust?
Do we hold on too tightly to our regrets?
Do we let worries overtake our thoughts,
imprisoning us with each moment that passes?

Or do we take a morning like this one
when the sun rises after the shortest night,
to wake early to catch the orange sky melting into soft blue?
Do we open our hearts to now,
taking this moment,
this precious time we have been given
to fill it with love,
stretching out our fingertips
to gratefully touch the new day?

Time is ours,
our own creation,
or own journey,
the vessel we each fill by our own choosing.

So may the creation,
The journeying,
The filling and the emptying
Be done with care.

May we be present to every fleeting moment.
For they are ours alone
to cherish.