Meditation - March Snowfall

Meditation by Rev. Diane Rollert, March 2015

The sun rises into diffused light this morning.
No bands of colour.
Only the whiteness of snow
dusting everything
with its quiet softness.
There is a peacefulness
that descends,
muffling sound
and bringing calm
to a silent day.

Sometimes all we need
is the slowness of time,
of mornings like this,
where everything is suspended
into a gentle surrender
that restores the soul.

Transformation comes
in surprising ways,
sometimes carried on a
whispering wind
or in the cold quiet of a snow shower
that wakes you up to your life
and makes you aware
that you have been changing
day by day, in tiny increments
that have added up to something
you can finally see.

Then there are the times
when you step out of your routine,
into the sizzling heat
of change
that throws you into confusion,
that transforms you
in an instant —
the self that is poured out of the crucible,
the metal that you thought was solid
and unchangeable
melts into a new form.

The journey is never as predictable as you think.

So may there be peace upon your heart
when the quiet snows fall.
And may there be paths to joy and understanding
when the fires of change come to melt away
what once was.

Courage to you for the journey ahead,
this day and every day.