Late November Meditation

Rev. Diane Rollert, 20 November 2016

The final leaves cling to the trees.
Soon the only colour that will remain
will be the evergreen.
Soon there may be snow
to soften the contours of the day,
to soften the sounds of the city.

there is so much external noise
and so much noise within our minds,
the constant droning
of conversations within ourselves,
the lists of things to do,
the worries,
the nervous laughter, 
the unkind things we can say to ourselves,
after too many years of ingrained habit.

there is also the quiet of breath,
a reminder of this gift of life,
a reminder that we can remain steady,
that we can be held
in the calm rhythm
of one breath after another.

For each breath, 
for each moment of connection
to what remains constant and common
between us
may we give thanks.