Father’s Day Meditation - After Orlando

Meditation by Rev. Diane Rollert, 19 June 2016

Oh dear God,
I cannot find the words to tie together
All that matters this day.

In my minds eye,
I see many fathers.
I see the father who has loved his 21 children, 
two his own and 19 born of others;
beautiful children, 
who found love and life on new soil.
I see the father who must lay to rest
a beloved son
who took his own life.

I see the father who must live
with the tragic actions of a child
who has brutally taken the lives
of too many others;
and a father who leaves behind a son
to respond to his father’s actions.

I see the fathers who watch their children
struggle with mental or physical illness,
who do what they can,
and often feel helpless.

I see fathers who embrace their children
for who they are,
and I see fathers who cannot bear to accept
their children's differences.

I see fathers who reach out daily
with words of love,
and fathers who cannot speak,
but hold love in the silence of their hearts.

I see fathers and children
walking a path toward healing.
I see fathers and children
who regret the paths toward forgiveness
that were never taken.
This role of parenting
and of being a child
comes with no instructions. 
We can try our best
and still feel we haven’t
done as well
as we think we should.

Why is it that love flourishes
in some places and languishes elsewhere?

Oh, source of goodness in the universe,
wherever you are, 
whatever you are,
We need you.
Let a rainbow shine; 
an arc bending toward justice.

But I know that we are the ones
with the hands that must do the work.
We are the ones with the feet
that must continue the march
We are the ones with the voices
that must cry out,
for fathers, mothers, parents and children
who will build a sanctuary of peace
to heal this world.