Spring Equinox

Rev. Diane Rollert, 26 March 2017

The equinox has come.
The position of the sun
making its claim for spring.
Yet a soft snow fell the other night,
dressing the trees in white,
and covering the streets once again
with winter’s cold blanket.
“Don’t promise what you cannot keep,”
someone joked last week,
yet I know the warmth will return,
with the growing sunlight.
It always does,
although it may never coincide
with the words written on the calendar.

Oh Source of Our Being,
I wish that I could promise change,
good health, the ease of being,
peace and the end of strife. 
I wish that I could be as sure
about human outcomes as I am
in the eventually changing seasons.
I wish that honesty was something
that came easily and purely,
without doubts.
We each must have stories
we’d tell, but find silence a kinder path.
Reason moves us toward truth,
but finding the way toward clarity
requires something deeper in ourselves.

Life’s transitions flow with in cycles,
the joys, the sorrows,
the infant laughing for the first time,
the give and take of parent and child,
the learning that unfolds
as life comes more fully into focus,
the moments of triumph
and the hours of disappointment,
the finding of love,
the choosing of commitment,
the injuries and illnesses to be faced,
the willingness to fight
for life,
and the end that comes,
that will always come,
no matter how much we deny
what is inevitable.

Each of these moments becomes
a winter that lingers,
a spring that blossoms,
a cycle of seasons
in lives to be lived
with as much fullness
as we allow ourselves,
with as much honesty as we can face.

There are places where our hearts
are covered in snow and cold,
where the thaw begins slowly,
but with time, 
we can allow the sun to warm
what lies dormant,
calling us back to life,
calling us to reclaim
what has been lost in the shadows.

Spring is now dressed in white,
but soon it will dance in green.

So may it be.