Meditation for Dignity and Freedom

Rev. Diane Rollert, 30 September 2018

Spirit of life
Source of love,
there is the beauty we witness,
the pouring out of a soul,
the story of a life,
lived with courage
to fight for freedom,
to never give up dreaming of peace.

There is the sorrow we share,
the finite reality of being mortal,
the desire for dignity,
that is not always met with justice,
the wrenching feeling of being asked to let go,
when we want to hold onto the living forever.

There is the incompleteness of a story,
that leaves us wondering,
if we have responded with enough
or love.

There is the world,
aching in its losses,
the loss of innocence of children,
the futility of war,
the injustice of the oppressor
who demands privilege
when the truth has been hidden,
when lives are crushed
in service to ego.

We know we are not perfect,
that we are ridden with flaws,
that we have amends to make,
and a life’s work to complete
before it is too late.

In this silent moment we share,
may we fill this space with love,
for the self that is longing and lonely,
for the ones that surround us,
who need love as much as we do.

May we fill this space with love
for all the courageous story tellers
who share their truth,
and for those of us not able to speak,
who still carry words to be shared
in the silence of our hearts.

May the love that surrounds you
wash over you,
heal you,
and make you whole.