Breathe In, Breathe Out

- Rev. Diane Rollert, March 28, 2019

Breathe out.
To the places deep within,
to the places where we rarely listen,
but where our bodies know
the feelings
that we can’t express. 

The tightness in our hearts,
the clenching in our jaws,
the heaviness upon our shoulders,
the breathing that wants to come with more ease. 

How do we quiet the constant words and images,
the noise in our minds,
that blocks out everything else? 

I am asking for peace this morning,
for the weight of our burdens to lift. 
But I’m not asking to forget
the imprint they have left. 

I’m not asking to ignore the traces of the past
that have formed the world
we experience today.

 All the words we use
are triggering
when we fail to see the hatred
that rises up around us,
when we fail to see the greed
that controls who wins and who loses. 

Each of us is one
aching to find answers.
Yet together we can find the strength
to speak truth to power.

May we give thanks this morning
for the courageous ones
who speak out against the injustices,
who dare to find their roots,
and celebrate what has been lost
as something beautiful and whole. 

May we give thanks for the heart beats
that echo the drum beats.
May we give thanks for the wide river
that supports us
as we sail past each other
in respect for our boundaries.

In your heart
cry out,
listen to your breath,
and keep breathing.

Breathe into what can be,
breathe into your courage,
breathe into change.