A Meditation for after Mardi Gras

Meditation by Rev. Diane Rollert, 9 March 2014

I offer up these words
to the great wide cosmos,
to whatever and whomever is listening out there.
The whys and the wonderings of our lives
need somewhere to go.

Some call this a season of Lent,
of letting go of something
that we crave too much,
of preparing the heart and the soul
for a time of renewal.

You need not dance at Carnivale or Mardi Gras,
to feel a need to let go of something,
to want to give your trumpet one last blast
before you set it down into silence.

What are the things we could let go of now?
Would it be our tendency to judge too quickly?
Our fears?
Our hunger?
Our desire to fit in?
Our disappointments?
Our anger?
Our sadness?

What would we take up instead?
A little more compassion?

Whatever your place on this planet,
in your life,
in your history,
on your path,
may this moment of silence
grant you what you need
to let go,
if only for a short time,
to feel the freedom
from whatever burdens
may be weighing you down.

And may you know that you are not alone,
for we each live with our own imperfections.

There is always time to set down
what should never be finished,
and to pick up what needs to be started.