Each of Us is On a Journey

Meditation by Rev. Diane Rollert, 4 December 2013

Each of us on a journey.
What have we lost to childhood?
With each day’s responsibility
a loss of mystery,
the glory of imagination gone.
What does it take to regain
that beauty?
The excitement
of waiting,
of seeing the invisible,
of filling the moments of quiet
with our own stories?

Here you are safe.
Dream on for a while,
freed from the darkness
and fear.
Open this space to travel where you will,
to sing out praises for the journey,
to remember the companions
who walked beside you.

This too is holy work,
a weaving of the season
into your heart
of memories locked away for too long.

The light of the moon
fanning across the stars,
filling the sky with possibility
despite the darkness.

This is yours to keep,
a cloak to cover you
and keep you warm
on a cold December morning.