Everything and Nothing

Meditation by Rev. Diane Rollert, 16 February 2014

Everything prepares us
and nothing prepares us
for the gains and losses of life.
We welcome new life,
new joy, new relationships,
at the same time that we find ourselves
saying goodbye.

We have no choice but to let go
of those we have loved
when the end of their days comes,
always too soon, always too suddenly.

In the opening and closing of those doors,
we are called to live,
to be present,
to cherish what is still ours to hold.

But oh how often we get caught up
in our own preoccupations and worries.
How often we are flooded by
insecurity, anger and disappointments,
the loud noise of our egos
getting in our way, making us incapable of hearing or seeing
the beauty that surrounds us,
the small gestures, the glory of breath,
of being, of simply sharing this existence.

How monumental, then, are those moments of grace
when we set aside everything we are,
everything we need, demand and desire out of life
to be present to the world around us,
to be present to the person beside us,
to the loving couple,
to the baby pondering her fingers,
to the loved one and the friend who has given us enough,
who has given us all they could