Golden Morning

Meditation by Rev. Diane Rollert, 13 October 2013

Golden sun that makes the green leaves shimmer
with their last memories of summer.
Red maples
trumpeting their  glory in the sunlight:
We are here, they whisper,
for a short time
and then gone. 

Each day a blessing
to be alive again,
when we remember day from night,
when we can count the 100 blessings
of being
of living
and of loving. 

These are the miracles.

But oh there are the days
when we have lost our way
when we find gratitude
and thanksgiving hard to sing.

On those days
may there be something greater
than us
that still has faith in us:

A lover
a friend
a family
a community
a source of all
a blessing that blesses us
despite our failings
despite our disappointments
despite our pain. 

May that source
be the sun upon our heads
and the wind about our faces.

May it be the love upon the path we tread,
blessing each step with peace.

With gratitude for ispiration from Rabbi Rachel Barenblat, and from the song "Hearth and Fire", words and music Gordon Bok, sung by the Choral Immersion Choir on 13 October 2013.