June Meditation

Meditation by Rev. Diane Rollert, 8 June 2014

Spirit of Life,
this day I am filled with gratitude
for the sunlight and birdsong
that woke me up this morning.
I am grateful to be reminded that
after spring comes summer,
after new birth come the long days
filled with voices that laugh
far into the night
and children dancing in whispering fountains.

Overnight we let go of the long winter
and transform ourselves into sun worshippers
and summer revellers.
This is the lesson of life here,
the message of the seasons –
our capacity to wait,
to have faith that we will be embraced in green again.

For this I am grateful,
that the human spirit can soar,
that we even as we remember what is painful,
as we remember what drags us down,
and makes us angry, impatient and frustrated,
we can still find the capacity
to love,
to forgive,
to begin again.

May we, the fragile flowers,
have wisdom enough to soak in the sunlight
when it comes.