Meditation - Dancing with Hope

Meditation by Rev. Diane Rollert, 25 January 2015

These words were adapted from poet Denise Levertov and translated into French:

Comment pourrions-nous perdre l’espoir?
Il y a tant de choses sur le point de bourgeonner.

Comment pourrions-nous ne plus désirer?
Nous venons de commencer à imaginer les possibilités de justice
et de miséricorde.

Il y a tant de choses brisées
qu’on doit réparer.

Nous venons seulement d’apprendre à connaître le pouvoir qui es en nous.
Si nous étions disposés à nous grouper, à unir nos forces…

Il y a tant de choses sur le point de bourgeonner.

And this is my prayer..

So much is in bud.
This is hope —
the flower yet to bloom,
the promise that remains
even in the dark of winter,
the faint whisper
that says perhaps tomorrow
it will fulfill its purpose.

Spirit of life,
Ground of our being,
God or goddess,
here we are,
a people waiting,
each with our own joys and sorrows,
each seeking warmth
on a cold winter morning,
hoping to build meaning together.

Hope needs a community,
for the days
when we know we can no longer dance alone,
when loss has broken our hearts,
when despair seeps in
and the world’s injustices weigh
too heavily upon our shoulders.

Here in this quiet moment
may we find the resolve that has been lost
the courage that has wained
and the love that has been forgotten.

May we breathe deeply together
finding comfort in this silent connection
that holds us
in our human longing.

So much is in bud.