Meditation - In the Mirror

Meditation by Rev. Diane Rollert, 14 June 2015

Spirit of Life
Ground of our being,
we see through a mirror darkly.
How rare it is to see our own love
as we gaze into the still waters of the lake.
Instead we judge,
we criticize.
We are as unloving as we would never be to a friend.

What we see is not what the world sees,
not the beauty of our inner selves reflected,
but the desires,
the longings,
to be someone else,
or to go back in time.

Blessed are those
who are capable of saying at any stage of life,
“You are enough.
You are beautiful.”

Oh how I want to comfort
those struggling in the emotional hell
of too many trials.
How I want to assure you
that the day will come
when all will be well.
But I have no way to promise
what the future will bring.

Instead, I can only promise you
that the waters of the lake
are turning into salty tears,
crying on your behalf,
waiting to let you float
and breathe,
to hold you in its gentle caress,
and tell you that you are beautiful,
a beautiful soul,
waiting to emerge from the depths of that darkness.

Each of us hold unspoken secrets
too painful to reveal,
but in this moment of quiet,
may we find our own forgiveness,
may we find love in our own reflection,
beauty beyond what anyone else calls beauty,
a place of belonging
that welcomes you as you need to be.