Meditation on Grace

Meditation by Rev. Diane Rollert, 23 October 2016

What is grace?
The moves of a dancer,
the bird in flight,
the single tear that flows down the cheek,
the patient one who sits and waits
for the other to speak.

What is grace?
The unexpected,
the given that we never thought to receive,
the love we never requested
that still surrounds us,
the community that remains,
even when we have gone.

Grace is the energy of the universe
that is forever welcomed home
in each passing second,
moving from one form to the next,
the spirit that surrounds us,
the blessings we can’t name.

This morning the wind sings,
the rain has fallen,
and the streets are still wet.
The sun is obstructed by heavy clouds,
but we know that it’s there,
a forever possible grace waiting to return.

This day invites us to find
what is shadowed within ourselves,
to seek the inner light
that can still shine within us,
the grace that is possible
when we open our hearts.

May we be filled with the light
and the warmth that surrounds us.
May we give what is possible
and receive what we need.