Meditation for Finding Home

Rev. Diane Rollert, 6 November 2016

Spirit of Life,
Ground of our being,
this is my prayer today,
my crying out for the world—
even if I know that what I say
is only heard by mortal ears.

Help us to be more generous,
a practice we are learning daily.
If we are honest, 
we know how selfish we can be
deep inside ourselves.

The instinct of self-preservation
ensures our survival
but also it causes us to forget others.

It causes us to be hard hearted
in the face of someone else’s misfortune.
It gives us the excuse to turn away.

So let us give thanks for those
who remind us that goodness
and compassion do exist.

Let us give thanks
for the kind-hearted
and the brave
who dedicate their lives to others,
who give up their last piece of bread,
so that someone else can eat,
who sit beside the addict in detox
to see them through another day,
who take the hits and the arrows,
of anger and disappointment
to serve the public good,
who show up on tribal lands
to cry out for the right to clean water,
who serve as doctors in hospitals
caught in war zones,
knowing that their lives may be
snuffed out by the next falling bomb.

Let us give thanks for the courageous activists
who fight to end poverty and homelessness.
Let us give thanks for those who stand
in places we may not be ready to stand,
even as we take small steps in that direction.

Spirit of Love,
let the courage we encounter in this world,
help us to overcome our own anxiety.
Help us to find ways to reframe our stories,
to believe it is possible to rise from the depths
to be transformed, 
to find ways to renew our faith in humanity,
to accept that yes, we are imperfect,
but we are capable of better.

May we be assured
that no matter how the winds may blow,
no matter how fierce the raging of the storm,
we will find our way back home.

May we commit ourselves to healing,
to finding the generosity
that still lives within each one of us.