Meditation on Reconciliation - Day One

Meditation by Rev. Diane Rollert, February, 2016

Day One

Oh Great Spirit,
Circle that surrounds us and connects us,
the drum that beats like a heart beat,
the language that we know,
and the language that seems so foreign:
Where do we begin to ask
and where do we begin to offer

We tell our own stories
but do we know where we stand
within the larger picture
of life, 
of lands,
of traditions,
that may be part of our pasts
that we have never learned,
or that we are only just learning?
What is it that our ancestors rejected?
What is it that our ancestors embraced?

“All our relations.”
What do those words
mean to us this day?

All our relations:
as we listen to the stories of pain,
of assimilation,
of pasts that we wish we could forget,
of pasts that we wish we could reclaim.

We are touched by our differences.
There is richness here,
there is much to be learned,
to be rebuilt,
to be respected.
Eagle feathers,
great hoops, 
a different sense of time
that allows for voices to be heard,
even if takes hours.

The elders are watching,
as we try our best to be witness,
to the misuse of trust and God.
A child cries to go home,
to speak her language.
A child cries to embrace his siblings,
to know his traditions,
but they find no comfort.

We are witness to the shattering silence
that breaks open
when the truth is spoken.

The drum beats
and we must learn to listen,
to reach out despite our regrets,
to have courage to explore forgotten histories,
to seek healing,
to know that when truth is spoken
that is the first step
towards reconciliation.

Together we walk this path,
a path of learning,
a path of listening,
a path of building new relationships.