Final Days of Summer

Meditation by Rev. Diane Rollert, 18 September 2016

Spirit of Life,
Ground of our being,
we come into this sanctuary
holding silent thoughts,
wanting to reach out,
eager and afraid.

There is a reality that surrounds us
that both delights and confuses us.
We live with love
and a longing for love.
We live with hope
and a longing for hope.
We live with courage
and dreams of finding courage.

Sometimes this sanctuary is the only place
where we can find refuge.
Other times we feel so impatient.
Why can’t we hurry up and change the world?

We carry burdens
that are too heavy to name.
We fear that if we share what is truly on our hearts
we will be turned away.

We hold onto the final days of summer
even as autumn is about to stake its claim in name,
even as the lunar eclipse has passed
and the lengthy days of sunlight
have begun to shorten,
even as we know the days will let go of their heat
and start to slowly settle into coolness.

We wait for the days
when the trees will be aflame
as we wait for the days
when kindness and mercy will prevail.

We hold in our hearts those
who cannot sleep,
who listen to drones and falling bombs,
who cannot go home anymore.

We stand in witness,
knowing that even those who live with peace
spend restless nights
worrying about the future,
feeling shocked by the angry world,
remembering loved ones lost,
and aching for meaning.

Out of this complex web of life,
its joys and its sorrows,
we search for purpose,
to reset time
to another dimension
where love prevails.

Into the silence may we carry
the gratitudes and the burdens
that fill our thoughts this morning.