Early October Meditation

Rev Diane Rollert, 1 October 2017

Source of love,
Spirit of life,
Everything is connected.
The beginning and the ending,
the life we live in between.
Our imperfections and our pain.
This ground we stand on,
this firmament of blue sky that stretches out above us, 
the drops of water clinging to the fence,
reflecting the morning’s rising golden light,
the pine needles on the path,
and the falling leaves that crackle beneath.

Everything is connected.
The tiniest woodpecker rattling the berry tree
on a city street,
the silence and the sounds.
The rains and the days of drought,
the floods and the trembling earth,
the lives lost to war,
the families divided and scattered
across the earth,
the anger and the hatred,
the love that still continues,
in the longing for reconnection.

Everything is connected,
on this narrow bridge of life we walk.
May we let our fears go,
and open our hearts
to find the connections
that will hold us steady
through the rising
and the setting
of the sun,
through the doing
and the being
of our days.